Soap & Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask

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Soap & Glory Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask This hydrogel mask is formulated to help smooth and hydrate the skin.

Drying for a super moisture boost? Get super-smooth hydrated skin fast with SPEED PLUMP Miracle Moisture Mask. The mask comes in two pieces so you can fit it perfectly to your face, whenever it needs a good quench. The hydrogel inside is soaked with super moisturisers including the wonderstuff HYALURONIC ACID, plus rose, peony flower root and safflower plant extracts.

Delicately scented with fresh juicy orange and imbued with sweet orange essential oil (renowned for its uplifting and revitalising benefits, science buffs), your skin will plump for joy!

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How to use

1. Ensure skin is clean and dry before use.
2. Open the foil and remove the thin film.
3. Place over the face, remove the second thin film. Smooth and gently pat down, allowing the jelly juice to infuse onto the skin.
4. Leave on for 20 -30 minutes then just chill and relax.
5. To remove, gently peel off.
6. Massage in any remaining jelly to help it absorb into the skin. Do not rinse or clean face after use.