Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml


This Simple cleanser is specifically developed for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. It gently yet effectively cleanses and removes impurities and make-up from your face, whilst also soothing and instantly re-hydrating thirsty skin, making it great for everyday facial skin care or as a make-up remover. Skin feels refreshed, supple and instantly hydrated without irritation. No need to rinse after!

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  • Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water gently yet effectively cleanses your skin, removing dirt, make-up and impurities
  • This face cleanser instantly hydrates, leaving skin feeling refreshed and supple
  • This facial cleanser by Simple has a lightweight formulation, no sticky or greasy residue – a great make-up remover
  • Our Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water doesn’t leave skin feeling tight, instead skin feels comfortable and revitalised
  • Our facial skin care product relies on a unique micellar water technology formulation infused with skin-loving minerals and a plant extract for effective and instantly hydrating cleansing
  • Simple Micellar Water contains no harsh chemicals, artificial colours or perfume, making it perfectly suitable for dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin


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